Bevan Family Awards for Plumbing/Pipefitting

Description: In 2022, Hal and Janet Bevan made a gift to establish the Bevan Family Awards for Plumbing/Pipefitting at Holland College. The Bevans’ gift was inspired by their lengthy history as leaders in commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing and heating, together with their interest in investing in the training and education of future plumbing professionals
Criteria: Applicants must be entering the Plumbing/Pipefitting program at Holland College and demonstrate financial need. Applications must also include a written essay demonstrating a strong aptitude and desire to work in the plumbing/pipefitting industry.

Applies to: Plumbing/Pipefitting

Bevan Bros.
1 x $1,050
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe what makes you a good candidate for the plumbing or pipefitting trades. In addition, please describe any experience you have using hand tools.