M.D. Charlton Award for Law Enforcement

Description: MDC (M. D. Charlton Company) is Canada’s only national law enforcement distribution and supply company. Founded in 1980, MDC has grown from a small office in Victoria, BC to bricks and mortar and sales force across Canada. 2020 marks MDC’s 40th anniversary and, to celebrate, MDC is strengthening its commitment to supporting the next generation of law enforcement professionals.
Criteria: 2020: Available to students enrolled in the Police Science (Cadet) program at the Atlantic Police Academy. (2021: Available to students entering the Police Science (Cadet) program at the Atlantic Police Academy.) Applicants must be Canadian permanent residents, citizens of Canada, or those with Canadian refugee status. Recipients will be selected based on a combination of academics and commitment to their community, either prior to attending the Academy, at the Academy, or both. Financial need will also be a consideration.

M.D. Charlton Company