Leonore Dixon Chesley Entrance Award for Paramedic Training

Description: This annual award was established through the Leonore Chesley estate. Leonore Dixon Chesley, (1915-2016) was an adventurous Nova Scotian woman who set high standards of achievement for herself and served as a role model for her female descendants. She was a successful professional in the fields of law and mental health, an accomplished artist and linguist, and an advocate for women’s rights. She took First Aid courses from and actively volunteered with St. John Ambulance for many years. Leonore had physical health challenges over her lifetime that required emergency support. She greatly appreciated and admired the skills of the paramedics who responded to her calls for assistance with unfailing care and compassion.
Criteria: Any female student entering the Holland College Primary Care Paramedicine or Advanced Care Paramedicine programs is eligible to apply. The application must include a written statement from two references who can verify the individual’s volunteer participation in at least two service-oriented activities or organizations within the context of the school they have attended, or in a community outreach capacity. First consideration given to a Nova Scotia applicant who has been accepted into the Holland College Primary Care Paramedicine or Advanced Care Paramedicine program. If no Nova Scotia applicant meets the criteria, a worthy candidate from any Atlantic province may be selected.
Applies to: Primary Care Paramedicine, Advanced Care Paramedicine

Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload a reference letter.
  2. Upload a second reference letter.