Ben Livingston Jr., in Memory of

Ben Livingston Jr., in Memory of

Ben Livingston Jr. began his career as a pattern maker at Bruce Stewart & Company in Charlottetown in the 1950s. Ben worked there with his father and his brothers for several years until they decided to leave and start their own welding and fabrication business.

In the summer of 1959, Ben Livingston and Sons Ltd. was founded and Ben and his brothers began working under the leadership of their father. They ran their business from a garage behind the family homestead on Mount Edward Road.

After their first year in business, Ben Livingston and Sons decided to move to a new location to better serve the needs of their customers. In 1960, they purchased two acres of land on the corner of Kensington Road and Exhibition Drive, built a new 7,000 square foot building and purchased several new welding trucks.

During the 1970s, Ben Livingston became the sole owner of the business and began specializing in ship repair to accommodate the growing needs of Northumberland Ferries and Marine Atlantic. They also manufactured barges and dredging equipment for the government and the private sector.

Ben Livingston and Sons were awarded the maintenance contract for Marine Atlantic every year for almost 25 years, which made them one of the largest welding and fabrication companies in the province.

After Ben’s death in 1997, his legacy was carried on by his oldest sons Carl, Paul and Scott, who continued to expand the family business, purchasing the former Schurman Steel Fabrication Plant in Summerside, in 2005 and amalgamating into Livingston Steel Inc.