City of Summerside

City of Summerside

Discover Summerside: Your Pathway to Excellence and Opportunity!

City of Summerside, nestled on the southern shore of Prince Edward Island invites you to experience a supportive and inclusive community where innovation meets opportunity. Our city is delighted to have the Holland College campus as part of our downtown core. Summerside offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, economic growth, and a supportive environment for students like you.

Summerside, known for its warm hospitality and strong sense of community provides the ideal backdrop for your educational journey. We are pleased to provide an award for students pursuing their chosen field. This award not only recognizes academic achievement but also acknowledges the value you bring to our community.

As a forward-thinking city, Summerside is committed to fostering talent, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. We hope that our support empowers you, the next generation of leaders in your fields, to make a positive impact on our community and beyond.

We invite you to explore Summerside’s unique blend of culture, entrepreneurship, and natural beauty. With a thriving arts scene, local businesses, and stunning landscapes, you’ll find a welcoming environment to thrive professionally and personally.