Helen and Stand Buell Bursary in Memory of William Bull (1803-1884)

Description: This award was established by Stan and Helen Buell, with the hope of assisting a descendent of William Bull with their post-secondary education. Applicants who can demonstrate that they are a descendant of William Bull (1803-1884) will be given first consideration. Applicants who are not descendants of William Bull but who demonstrate financial need will be a considered otherwise. William Bull (1803 – 1884) was born in Thomastown, Kilkenney, Ireland and was the fourth child of nine to James Bull (1772) and his wife Jennie Steves. In 1816, the family immigrated to Canada and settled at Port Hood, Cape Breton. William married Margaret McNeill (1812) had three sons, James, John, and William, before migrating to PEI in 1838. They first lived at Cape Bear before obtaining 100 acres in White Sands, Lot 64, where they raised nine children. William’s descendants married into many of the families in Lot 64 and there are many descendants in PEI. The Bull family name was changed to Buell about 1917 but some of the family retained the name Bull.

Criteria: Applicants must be PEI residents who are accepted full-time into one of Holland College’s programs. Applicants who are descendants of William Bull are asked to provide details referencing their lineage as a descendant of William Bull (1803-1884). Names of descendants may be but not limited to one of the following: Descendants of William Bull could bear any number of last names, including Arnold, Beck, Buell, Gillis, Gordon, Haberlin, Hooper, Hopkins, Jenkins, Jordan, MacIntosh, MacKay, McNeil, Moore, MacLean, Nicolle, Richards, Sencabaugh, and White.

Applies to: All programs

Helen and Stanley Buell
Supplemental Questions
  1. If you are related, provide details referencing your lineage as a descendant of William Bull (1803-1884).