M.D. Charlton Company

MDC (M.D. Charlton Company Ltd.) is Canada’s only national distributor of tactical and duty
equipment to police, military, security and first-responders. Founded in 1980, MDC has grown
from a small office and retail showroom in Victoria, BC to a salesforce across Canada with a
distribution hub in Mississauga, Ont. MDC also has retail stores in Langley, BC and Ottawa

MDC has revolutionized the way Canada’s police, military and other first-responders discover
and select their clothing, weapons and other mission critical equipment. Celebrating its 40th
anniversary this year (2020), MDC has been an ongoing supporter of bringing game changing
products and training to the Canadian marketplace. MDC was first to introduce Taser
International (lifesaving electroshock weapons), Bounce Imaging (tactical throwable cameras),
Point Blank Body Armour (lightweight body armour), and many more to the Canadian market.

MDC has three divisions: MDC, MDC Training Academy and MDC Firearms. MDC’s customers
are the Canadian Police, Military, Law Enforcement, Paramedics, sportsmen and sportswomen,
and security professionals. MDC is known as a one stop shop for its expertise in law
enforcement and tactical armour, bags, batons, boots, clothing, duty gear, holsters, thermal
imaging, firearms, firearm accessories, flashlights, gloves, handcuffs, jackets, and less lethal

“Our company is a success because our team has great relationships with Canada’s first
responders. We work to supply products and training from coast-to-coast to help
save lives and keep our communities safe.” ~ Alec Rossa, president/CEO.